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VP Racing Fuels
VP Racing Fuels S4 1000 Full-Synthetic Street Engine Oil - 10W50

S4 1000 Full-Synthetic Street Engine Oil is formulated using the highest quality, ester-based synthetics, combined with the most advanced additive technology available, offers the best protection for your machine while equally optimizing performance output.

Designed to meet the unique demands of street motorcycles by providing optimal engine protection and performance with an emphasis on detergency, deposit control, stable viscosity and maximum performance output.

Formulated for both air- and water-cooled 4-Stroke motorcycle engines, with or without a wet clutch.

Special friction-optimized chemistry delivers optimum fuel economy and protection without sacrificing clutch performance.

Compatible and may be used in vehicles requiring previous API service categories (SG, SH, SJ, SL, SM and SN).

Superior thermal stability and oxidation resistance.

Balanced frictional properties for smooth shifting.

Made in USA.

Meets or exceeds APISN and JASOMA2 requirements.

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