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Z1R Drifter Solid Helmet
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Z1R Drifter Solid Helmet

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SKU: ZR-20002

Advanced ABS/polycarbonate shell.Two closable forehead vents.Brushed nylon interior... Read More

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Z1R Drifter Solid Helmet

Advanced ABS/polycarbonate shell.

Two closable forehead vents.

Brushed nylon interior with padded chin strap.

Three-snap bubble visor included.

Removable ear/neck curtain.

DOT certified.

Z1R Drifter Solid Helmet | category description | 2Wheel

Helmets remain an important part of street or sport biking because they allow you to minimize injuries and danger. Since they cover your entire head, helmets help you avoid injuries if you hit something or are thrown from the bike. Products with extra features, which might be shown in a Z1R helmet review, will add some notable benefits.

Find Your Color

Helmets matter when it comes to safety, but you can purchase one in a color that you like. With five Z1R helmet colors available, you can find one that fits your style and tempts you to wear it more often. This will mean that you spend more time wearing your helmet so that you can show it off to your friends and others.

Block the Sun

You may want to look into full-face street bike helmets since they protect the face, too, rather than just the head. The Z1R Drifter Solid Helmet has a visor on top of it to prevent sunlight from entering your eyes. Not only will this model helmet maintain your visibility and safety while riding, but it will also prevent eye strain.

Extra Security

There are worries that come with some sport bike helmets since they may fall off during a bike ride. To combat this, the Z1R Drifter Helmet includes a neck strap to keep the helmet securely on your head. After all, a helmet that falls off your head is an ineffective helmet.

Even though these extra features make the helmet more important, you need to remember that helmets exist to keep you safe. Because of this, items like the Z1R Drifter Helmet focus on keeping you safe while providing conveniences that will make helmet wearing an enjoyable experience.

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Aug 16, 2018
Great Fitting Helmet
This helmet fits as advertised. It sits low on the head to give a low profile. The fit is perfect. This is the second one I've owned.
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Apr 2, 2018
Good helmet, fast service
Great fit, well made helmet.
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Aug 12, 2017
Finding a low profile DOT half helmet is a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack. Z1r Drifter bridges the gap. It's probably as low profile as you can get for this type of helmet. I chose the white helmet which does increase visibility. Page Rider now take a second look to make sure I'm there. The 3rd however is a bit on the large side although the medium at 22 1/2 cm on my slightly round head I'm a little concerned about how it going to sit after it breaks in. Overall I really like this helmet and it has become my go-to helmet above my HJC, Daytona and Shoei 3/4 helmets. Thinking about buying the Wine color to match my 2011 Kawasaki Vaquero 1700!
Dwight photo of Z1R Drifter Solid Helmet Dwight photo of Z1R Drifter Solid Helmet
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Jul 30, 2016
Not Bad
It is Heavier than I anticipated
Bigger than a Half Helmet, in My opinion
And Still gives Me the Pain in the frontal area
Wish They's Make Women's Helmets
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