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Jay Greubel - Lead CSR
Jay Greubel

Jay Greubel
Lead CSR

“I grew up on bikes.”

Home Town

Redlands, California

Riding Style

I prefer street, but if given the chance I would love to get some trail riding under my belt.

First Bike

05/2015, I got my bike from a guy on craigslist, got it registered and left my car to rot on the side of my house.

In the Garage

I currently own a 2000 Suzuki SV650 (Naked/Streetfighter)

Current Gear

My gear consists of the SCORPION EXO-500 Bio Metal Helmet, TOURMASTER Koraza Jacket, JOE ROCKET Big Bang 2.0 Boots, and some standard boot cut wrangler jeans.

Favorite Thing About Working for 2Wheel

The guys I work with actually care about helping customers and doing what is right, not just what makes a profit. The lack of care for customers is a major problem I had working for other large motorcycle parts retailers. I am excited by where 2Wheel is going. Their goals and aspirations are right on par with being an excellent place to buy your parts and gear and is exactly what riders have been looking for.

Goals and Aspirations

My goal is to eventually have a garage dedicated to all the bikes my wife and I ride.

Little Known Facts

I grew up on bikes. When I was 3 years old I found my father's crescent wrench and took my training wheels off my bike and taught my self to ride across the grass in the backyard. The first thing I would do as a kid was wake up, throw on some clothes and hit the dirt hills near my house. This was until the morning hunger set in where I would head to the local Albertsons and grab a soda and some reese's (don't tell my mom) before heading back out.

Most Asked Question

Is that a camera on your helmet? (Why, yes... Yes it is)


My idol would have to be my Step-Dad. He is the most outstanding man I ever met and is always kind and generous. He is the inspiration to how I wish to live my life.

Tell Us A Little About Yourself

My favorite past time is to tinker. I am always fixing/modifying thing to make them better. Whether it's my cars or my bike, it can always be better if I just do this one thing to it.

I was raised on Doom. The original one that you had to enter a DOS prompt to load up. I can still recite all the cheat codes to that game. From those days, I have moved into everything electronic, smart watches, smartphones, PC's, and became the one everybody called to get their electronics fixed. I don't mind this as I love helping people, it's the one thing that makes me feel like I have made a real difference in the world. Once I got my own car, I took my German roots out and started tearing into it and learning how it worked, this lead to me being the mechanic that the family called when something happened. I helped one of my friends out with changing his chain and sprocket on his FZ-09, mainly because I had the tools. I have never had any of my vehicles in a shop and that makes me happy.