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ATV & 4-Wheeling Sand Tires

You’ve hit up the mountain trails. You’ve tackled snow and ice. Mud? No problem. Now you have your eyes set on the dunes for your next ATV ride. Sandy terrains offer ATV enthusiasts some of the most challenging yet rewarding off-road experiences out there, but it’s not something you’d ever want to attempt with an old set of stock tires. In fact, investing in a good set of ATV sand tires is the best way to make sure you not only have the best time on your next outing to your chosen sandy trail, but that you get through it safely, too.

Keep Power Levels Up

Sand is notorious for stealing power from ATVs, especially ones that run at somewhat lower speeds than your average sport quad. Loose-packed sand tends to slip and slide under normal tires, leaving them spinning in place and losing momentum at crucial moments. You need your speed if you want to enjoy even a moment of your dune-scaling experience, and the best way to do that is investing in sand duning tires with paddles.

The paddles are a unique tread found on sand tires. They look like a sort of horizontal ridge in most cases, and protrude outward from the rest of the tire’s surface. They’re able to dip down into the sand when you’re taking on the loose terrain, giving you more grip to maintain forward momentum. These come in a straight paddle shape or a v-shaped paddle.

V-Shaped Versus Straight Paddles

Both paddle types have their merits, but you should know which is best for your riding needs before making the decision. After all, it’s an important one.

V-shaped paddles on tires:

  • Are the top choice for dune runners
  • Are easier to turn
  • Have low speed but high maneuverability

Meanwhile, straight paddles on sand tires:

  • Focus on forward momentum
  • Provide higher speeds
  • Are less maneuverable and require a wide turn radius
A Lighter Construction

The paddles on sand tires are useful, but they won’t do you much good if you’re stuck sinking into the sand. That’s exactly why most high-end ATV sand tires are designed to be far lighter than your regular everyday all-terrain tire.

Specialty Tires, Specialty Prices

2Wheel offers the best tires for ATV riding in the sand at the lowest prices because we know how important performance is when you head off into the dunes. Find the perfect set of sand-ready tires and take advantage of our low price guarantee and fast, free shipping to get your wheels ASAP.

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