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Put Your Head First

Escape the mundane rule-abiding world while cruising around the track or open highway. It's just you and your bike, taking some time to breathe and break free. Accelerate, take the bend in the road and relish in the rush of adrenaline. You embrace the moment and expose yourself to nature and others. A random object in the road or a distracted driver cannot be stopped. You may be quick, but perhaps not fast enough. During those cases, that fiberglass headgear is the only thing keeping your skull from cracking. Let it take the hit for you. Look over the hjc fg-17 helmets on sale, finding a perfect combination of protection and comfort.

Seek Sturdy and Reliable

Begin your shopping with the best reviews on hjc fg-17 helmets. The lightweight, fiberglass gear meets both Snell M2015 and DOT 218 approval, capable of safeguarding your cranium and absorbing a significant impact. In addition, experience enhanced views, having the chance to see what's along the highway and what's coming at you. An expanded eye port, offers wider vision for your trek. With scratch-resistant, anti-fog screens, continue down riding without worrying about weather impeding the drive. It's about the experience, so take this adventure in comfort. As the heat builds up and perspiration falls, rely on superior scoop ventilation that pulls out the insufferable air and leaves you with cooler temperature. Cheek pads are interchangeable so you receive as much or as little cushion as needed, and liners are moisture-fighting and antibacterial.

Order Safety Quick and Easy

Don't wait for your ride. Expedite the journey by going online, exploring a vast collection of hjc fg-17 helmets online. Flash products are ready to ship within 1 to 3 days, and with the largest inventory of suppliers, you get the lowest price possible. Order today to earn your rewards, and receive free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

What is the HJC FG-17 Helmets Manufacturer Warranty?


HJC hereby extends a limited warranty to the purchaser of HJC helmets that the helmet is free of defects in materials and workmanship.


This warranty is applicable for manufacturer’s defects only and is good for three years from the date of purchase. (RPHA series are subject to five year limited warranty. It does not apply to any problems arising out of wearer’s misuse, negligence, modifications, accident, etc).


Any warranty of merchantability and any implied warranty are hereby expressly disclaimed. In addition, HJC shall not be liable for any consequential damages.


In order to receive warranty, please take your helmet, along with your receipt of purchase showing the date of purchase, with a brief memo describing the problem, your name, and phone number and go to a dealer where you purchased the helmet from.


If you have any questions with respect to the HJC warranty, please email us at or you can email us at

* Some manufacturers do not allow us to extend discounts. Please see our list of Discount Exclusions for more information.
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