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Cruiser Half Helmets

When it comes to helmets, the most important part is making sure you’re wearing one. For some riders, wearing a full-face helmet can be somewhat restricting; thankfully, there are plenty of half helmets for sale. Typically, these helmets closely resemble the traditional style of a bicycle helmet, covering the top of the head and strapping on beneath the chin. They protect the rider’s head in the event of a crash; however, they may not provide the same kind of stability full-face helmets do as they often leave the neck vulnerable. Ultimately, though, wearing cruiser half helmets is safer than wearing no helmet at all and does provide the most necessary of protections.

Consider an Intermediate Oval Helmet

For riders who don’t like the restrictiveness of the traditional full-face helmet but don’t entirely trust the safety of the Harley half helmets style, there is another solution. Intermediate oval helmets provide the same kind of protection to the head and neck that a full-face helmet can provide, without the same total enclosure caused by full-face helmets. This is a great way for riders to ensure their safety without sacrificing their overall comfort.

The Benefit of Full-Face Helmets

Though it may be tempting to buy cruiser half helmets, as there are plenty of half helmets for sale, full-face helmets have the highest safety ratings. They have a variety of features that many other helmet styles, including the Harley half helmets, cannot offer. This includes a face shield, which prevents debris, improves visibility, and protects the rider’s eyes, as well as protection for the neck and head. Additionally, these helmets often come with extra padding, preventing the head from being thrown around during a crash. While cruiser half helmets are relatively simple, they typically do not provide the same features.

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