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Sena 30K Intercom Communication System
$223.95 - $389.95
SAVE $189.05 (33%)
Sena 10S Bluetooth Communication System
$168.79 - $301.81
SAVE $137.19 (31%)
Bell Qualifier DLX Solid Helmet
GMAX GM54 Solid Helmet
$107.82 - $175.46
$179.95 SAVE $72.13 (40%)
Sena 20S EVO Bluetooth Headset
$203.95 - $369.95
SAVE $179.05 (33%)
Kabuto FF-5V Aerodynamic Racing Solid Helmet
$138.81 - $142.53
$429.95 SAVE $311.14 (69%)
Sena FreeWire System for Harley Davidson
ZOX Brigade SVS Solid Helmet
$104.99 - $143.99
SAVE $55.00 (34%)
HJC IS-Cruiser Solid Helmet (2016)
$89.99 - $98.99
SAVE $11.00 (10%)
Just 1 J12 Carbon Fluo Helmet
$223.11 - $449.99
SAVE $226.88 (50%)
Fly Racing F2 Carbon Fastback Helmet
$319.95 SAVE $170.84 (52%)
AFX FX-41DS Solid Helmets
$93.64 - $164.95
$159.95 SAVE $71.31 (43%)
Bell Custom 500 Solid Helmet
$78.00 - $119.95
SAVE $41.95 (35%)
Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset/Intercom System
$148.84 - $275.21
SAVE $123.79 (31%)
ZOX Condor SVS Fluent Helmets
$97.99 - $109.95
SAVE $52.00 (35%)
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How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Helmet

Purchasing the right motorcycle helmet is one of the most important tasks for the new rider. Even experienced riders can find ourselves thinking of helmets in our sleep, contemplating which new motorcycle helmet to buy. Our motorcycle helmet buying guide will help you find the right helmet for you, and when shopping at 2Wheel you'll receive the Best Price Guaranteed.

Whether you're scraping elbows at the track, dragging knees through the canyons, or just enjoying the sound of the highway, the perfect helmet for you is just around the bend.

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet Style

Full Face Helmets

Most street riders and all those who race will buy a full face motorcycle helmet.  Full face helmets offer the best overall protection and provide for the most aerodynamic fit of all the helmets as they are made from a continuous one-piece shell.  A good full face helmet offers excellent eye protection, side, and lower face protection, and provides for the proper fit with ergonomic padding and securing strap.  Full face helmets have the most varied styling by far, so you'll be sure to find one in your favorite color and fit.

Modular Helmets

For those touring riders who want a compromise between a full face helmet and a half face helmet, the Modular helmet offers the best of both worlds in one package.  Utilizing a two-piece structure, the Modular helmet converts from full to half face on-the-fly for when you just need the wind to your face.  Some Modular helmets even offer built-in, flip-down eye shields for protection from the sun and glare as well, adding even more to that coolness factor.  These helmets allow similar strength in rigidity to full face helmets and also come in a variety of colors and fitments.  You’ll be sure to find one to suit your preference and will be plotting your cross country touring trip in no time.

Dual Sport Helmets

If you're thinking of being adventurous and are planning a ride from Alaska to Patagonia, then you might want to get a Dual Sports Helmet.  Riders who spend as much time off road as on the highways will want this style of helmet that features characteristics found in many motocross helmets, but with the added comfort, style, and safety rating of full face helmets for the street.

Half Helmets

For those of you who just need to feel the wind through your beard, the half helmet is your choice.  These helmets offer little protection for your ears or eyes, although some do have flip-down eye shields for when you just feel the need, the need for speed!  Most riders who chose the half helmet do so for style and are just easy-riding enjoying that v-twin roar.  So if that’s what you’re thinking about doing, then it might be a good idea to get some hearing protection as well as sporting the coolest sunglasses or goggles you can find!  There’s nothing more annoying than getting off your bike and still hearing the ring in your ears from that last 100 miles of open highway.  And be sure to have night driving eye protection with you as well, just in case you stay out all night chasing the moon.

Open Face, or ¾ Helmets

Open face helmets allow you to compromise between the half helmet and full face helmet.  If you’re looking for just a bit more protection over your ears to the side of your face, but still crave that bug eating, beard flying exhilaration, then this is the helmet for you!  So slap on one of these bad boys on and grab your favorite goggles for a throttle twisting a good time.  These are the hot choice for those of us who just have to ride our clipped Sportster, English twins, and triples and vintage Japanese fours like they were race bikes and the championship trophy was just down the road at the next cafe or brewery.  Or maybe this weekend we’ll roll up our camp blankets and head up through the hills to find our new favorite campsite, bubble shields and vintage stickers optional of course.

Finding the Right Motorcycle Helmet Size

Most riders agree a helmet fit on the tighter side is better than dealing with an overly comfortable loose fit. Trust us; you'd hate a loose fitting motorcycle helmet when you gun it down a backstretch and the helmet starts to move around on your head, obstructing your senses and breaking your concentration. Some helmet padding will compress a little to your head shape and give throughout the break-in process, so that means that the helmet you bought new may have a slightly looser fit down the road a few months later, especially for those of us who commute daily. Most of the traditional manufacturers offer replacement parts and padding for their top selling helmets, so be sure to check what parts and replacement padding are available for your next helmet and take that into consideration - you’ll thank yourself later!

Popular Brand Motorcycle Helmets

2Wheel always keeps up-to-date on all the latest and greatest brands of motorcycle helmets at incredible prices. Some of our top motorcycle helmet brands are: