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2W Cash Program

2Wheel offers the Best Reward Program in the Industry. The program doesn't cost anything to join and there's nothing you need to do to take advantage of the program. You simply shop, earn and redeem.

Earning 2W Cash

We offer two types of 2W Cash:

1) Instant Cash (Immediate Discount)

Some brands/items qualify for Instant Cash. These items will automatically have the Instant Cash applied at checkout to reduce the cost of the item at the time of purchase.

2) Cash Back (Future Discount)

Items with Cash Back earn a minimum of 5% back for every dollar spent at 2Wheel. Some qualifying items are eligible to receive up to 20% cash back!

Unlike some reward programs, 2Wheel has no minimum or maximum amount of Cash Back that can be earned per order. If you spend $10, you get a minimum $0.50 cash back. If you spend $10,000, you get a minimum $500 cash back.

Redeeming Cash Back

Cash Back can be redeemed on any future order with a minimum order total of $50 after discount.

2W Cash Program Terms and Conditions


Our 2W Cash Program is available to all customers who are 18 years or older. When making a user account you agree to the terms of this program. Cash Back will only be applied to purchases directly made with 2Wheel..


To enroll into the 2W Cash Program, simply make a user account on our website and start buying! Customers accept responsibility for all the terms and activity that occur under the customers account.

If you buy an item with us and are not a registered user, don't stress - simply create an account and contact us to apply points within 60 days of the time the order was placed.

Earn 2W Cash

Customers will earn 2W Cash that are worth a site cash value. The rewards do not have a real cash value but can be applied on our website only. To redeem your 2W Cash you can pay for the entire purchase at checkout using the 2W Cash or you can apply partial 2W Cash at checkout and pay the remainder using a secondary payment method. You can view all points within your user account. 2Wheel reserves the right to limit or set the amount of 2W Cash earned on qualified purchases.


ALL the following brands listed here are EXCLUDED from the 2W Cash Program: Bell, Parts Unlimited, Drag Specialties, Slippery, Thor, ThorMX, Moose, Moose Racing, Moose Utility Division, Moose ATV Hunting Products, Python, Icon, Trukke, Wingleader, Z1R, Arctiva, AMS tires, Schuberth, Joe Rocket, Rapid Transit and Power Trip. Please note you will notice exclusions apply* throughout our website. The brands above do not qualify for any program with exclusions apply.*

Redeem 2W Cash

To redeem your earned 2W Cash, simply login to your 2Wheel account, proceed to checkout and apply your 2W Cash when checking out. When you apply 2W Cash some items can't have 2W Cash redeemed due to MAP restrictions.


If an item is returned, the amount of 2W Cash associated with the amount spent on the returned item will be deducted from your 2W Cash account balance.